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ERIS Journal - Summer 2020 - Social Work with Children

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A call for papers for the English edition of the journal Czech and Slovak Social Work

We are already accepting papers from various areas of social work for the ERIS Journal – Summer 2020. The deadline for obtaining papers from potential authors is February 10th, 2020. The publication date is August 2020.

The editors of this issue are Brian Littlechild and Karen Mills from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. The co-editor is Arlene Montgomery from the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

Papers should be sent to the administrator of the academic papers who will also provide you with additional information upon request:


Valeria Sizikova, Olga Anikeeva

Parents Subjectivity in a Family with Disabled Children and Choice of Education Model 5

pp. 5 - 20
Beata Balogova, Leon Szot

Selected Socio-Cultural Aspects of Disability in the Arab World – Sociological Approach 5

pp. 21 - 34
Petra Anna-Marie Blahová

Preparing Young People for Leaving Children’s Homes 5

pp. 35 - 53
Soňa Vávrová, Alice Gojová

Emerging Models of Social Work Accompanying Housing, or How Czech Social Workers Treat Homelessness in Families with Children, while Having No Legal Support 5

pp. 54 - 70
Zdenka Šándorová, Jaroslav Myslivec

Early Care in the Context of the Czech and Foreign Retrospective and its Current Situation: The Particular Statistics in the Pardubice Region 5

pp. 71 - 86
Joanna Rajewska de Mezer

The Place of Family Mediation as a Form of Support and Protection of Children’s Rights in Social Assistance Activities 5

pp. 87 - 102
Veronika Mia Zegzulková, Marie Špiláčková

Reflection of the Impacts of the Society Transformation in Relation to the Education at Social Work 5

pp. 103 - 115
Päivi Turunen

Empowering Community Work in Elastic-Reflexive Transformation – A Nordic Perspective from Sweden 5

pp. 116 - 130

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