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Andrea Fleckinger

Child Protection and Gender-Based Violence: How to Prevent the Risk of Secondary Victimization 5

pp. 4 - 18
Miroslava Tokovska, Michal Kozubik, Peter Jusko

How Can Suicidal Behaviour in the Elderly Be Prevented? A Scoping Review of the Visegrad Group Countries 5

pp. 19 - 32
Anna Suppa, Isabelle Steiner, Peter Streckeisen

Energy Transition and Environmental Justice: Effects on Vulnerable Groups and Implications for Social Work 5

pp. 32 - 47
Katja Neuhoff

“Participation in Deportations – Red Line for Social Work?” Learning to ‘walk the talk’ on Social Work as a Human Rights Profession 5

pp. 48 - 66
Gunther Graßhoff


pp. 65 - 66

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