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Values and Ethics in Social Work

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Mirka Nečasová

Respect for Clients and the example of quality of life in the home for elderly people 2

pp. 39 - 53
Alena Škulecová, Jiří Jankovský

The importance of ethic aspects in helping vocations 2

pp. 54 - 61
Stefan Borrmann,

From International Declarations to Social Work Practice The development of ethical guidelines for controversial fields of action 2

pp. 62 - 72
Renata Švestková, Bohdana Plodková, Yvona Mazehóová

An Evaluation of a Development in Social-Preventive Program „Pět P“ at the Faculty of Social and Health Studies (ZSF JU) 2

pp. 73 - 82
E. Svobodová, Bohumil Čermák

Research study of Drug abuse by pregnant Women and Mothers in Sout Bohemia 2

pp. 83 - 102
Ilja Hradecký

How to count the homeless 2

pp. 103 - 117
Anna Krausová

How are tasks to community education in options contemporary society? 2

pp. 118 - 129

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