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Social Work with People in Debt

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David Urban, Alena Kajanová

Social Work in Socially Excluded Areas Aimed at the Practical Prevention of Social Pathology – České Budějovice 2

pp. 56 - 68
Milan Schavel, Barbora Drexlerová, Lucia Lekárová

Indebtedness and Psycho-social Help for Families in Social-economic Problems 2

pp. 69 - 72
Libor Novosad, Marcela Novosádová

Possible Deficits in the Field of Functional Literacy and Citizens Orientation as a Risk Factor and Potential Starter Indebtedness of Citizens with Disabilities 2

pp. 73 - 79
Pavel Bareš

Target Groups of Persons Experiencing Extreme Social Exclusion and their Reflection in Regional Mid-term Social Services Development Plans 2

pp. 80 - 90
Petr Kolařík

Natural Evolution of Organizational Culture and its Benefits and Risks 2

pp. 91 - 99
Helena Tomešová Bartáková

Feminist Perspectives in Social Work in Relation to Gender Roles Redefinition in the Czech Society 2

pp. 100 - 111
Markéta Kastnerová

The Role of Social Worker in the Treatment of Tobacco Dependency 2

pp. 112 - 118
Barbora Jindrová, Josef Smolík

Social Work with Football Fans During the European Championship 2008 2

pp. 119 - 126
Barbora Drexlerová

The Issue of Family Indebtedness in the Slovak Republic with Detailed Overview of the Regions of Eastern and Western Slovakia 2

pp. 127 - 134

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