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The Practical Application of Theory in Social Work

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David Urban, Alena Kajanová

Application of Theories of Social Work at the Example of Good Practice of Salesian’s Youth Center – Home of Children and Young in České Budějovice 2

pp. 67 - 75
Mirka Nečasová, Zdeňka Dohnalová, Renáta Talašová

Using Some Chosen Ethical Theories in the Social Work Practise 2

pp. 76 - 87
Radka Janebová

“But Don’t Tell It Anybody…” or Dilemma between Saying Some Information and Confidentiality in Sphere of Social Legal Protection of Children 2

pp. 88 - 99
Josef Bernard

Community Care Planning and the Problem of Participation 2

pp. 100 - 109
Kateřina Kubalčíková1, Anna Krchňavá

The Community Planning as the Place of User Participation in Decision Making Process: Reality or Fiction? About Complying with one of Social Work Method Principles in the Practice 2

pp. 110 - 121
Zuzana Truhlářová

Identification of Risks in the Use of a Competency Model of Training of Social Workers in Bachelor Degree in Social Work 2

pp. 122 - 131
Eva Pavlíková, Blanka Honzárková

Social Support Services for Families with Little Children with Special Needs 2

pp. 132 - 142
Bohdana Břízová

Effectivity Evaluation of the 5P Program 2

pp. 143 - 151

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