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Research for Practice in Social Work

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Kvetoslava Repková

Integrated Knowledge Creation in Social Work and for Social Work 2

pp. 28 - 34
Ján Mišovič

About Combination of Sociological Research Methods for Social Work Research 2

pp. 35 - 40
Jitka Navrátilová

Different Approaches to Social Work Education 2

pp. 41 - 50
Eva Hejzlarová

Self-Help and Support Groups in the Czech Republic: Survey, Risks of Further Evolution and Policy Measures 2

pp. 51 - 59
Petr Kolařík

Organizational Identity and Culture. Charita Staff Searching and Recruitment with Regard to Charita’s Identity 2

pp. 60 - 67
Ivana Knausová

The Theory and the Practice of Family’s Recovery in the Czech Background – Qualitative Survey to Fieldwork with Family at Risk on the Present 2

pp. 68 - 73
Pavel Nepustil

Case Management in the Light of Postmodern Collaborative Approach 2

pp. 74 - 80
Leoš Zatloukal, Miloš Havlík, Zdislav Doleček, Jaroslav Šotola

Complex Needs Assesment in Counseling Conversation from the Solution-focused approach Perspective 2

pp. 81 - 92

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