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Psycho-Social Connection at Disadvantage Children

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Jitka Navrátilová

The Assessment process as a Risk for Children in need (Factors affecting the Assessment of Children in need) 2

pp. 40 - 55
Hana Francová, Lucie Kozlová

Citizen Participation as an Important Factor of Social Integration of Families Caring for Children with a Disability 2

pp. 56 - 67
Dagmar Marková, Lenka Haburajová-Ilavská, Denisa Juhásová

Methods of Social Work with Children Experiencing Domestic Violence 2

pp. 68 - 84
Lucie Foltová, Regina Schovancová, Petr Okrajek

Psychosocial Impact of Unemployment on Family Life Situations 2

pp. 85 - 95
Ivana Lyócsa

Stereotyped Ideas of Mother’s and Father’s Role of Child Protection Workers, Reasons and Impacts: The Example of Great Britain, Canada and Israel 2

pp. 96 - 104
Jan Šiška, Camille Latimier

Rights of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in the Czech Republic from the Perspective of Convention of Childrens’ Rights UN 2

pp. 105 - 119
Miroslav Suchanec

Alternative Approaches to Analyse Data in Small Samples in the Social Work Practice 2

pp. 120 - 124
Jakub Jinek, Alois Křišťan

Ethical Theory and its Application : A Problem for Social Work 2

pp. 125 - 131

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