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Markéta Staňková

The Role of the Key Worker in the Home for Elderly 2

pp. 44 - 55
Kateřina Kubalčíková

The Individual Planning in Social Services for the Elderly: an Example of Selected Domiciliary Care Agency 2

pp. 56 - 66
Zuzana Havrdová, Martina Procházková

Change in Experience of Employees During Implementation of Individual Planning into a Rezidential Elderly Care Service 2

pp. 67 - 76
Mirka Nečasová, Zdeňka Dohnalová, Renáta Talašová

How to Teach Ethics in the Social Work? 2

pp. 76 - 84
Gabriela Nytra

Social Support of Surroundings of Surviving Widows and Widowers from their Perspective 2

pp. 85 - 98

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