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Libor Musil

Editorial: Implementation Circumstances and Methods of Social Work in Social Services (Czech only) 2

pp. 3 - 4
Hana Valová, Radka Janebová

“Antiradicalism” of Czech Social Services, or How Do the Organizations of Social Services Solve the Decline of Funding 2

pp. 5 - 23
Ivana Šimíková

The Possible Effects of the Social Service Act Implementation through a Critical Perspective of the New Public Management Model 2

pp. 24 - 35
Pavla Radová

Social Work with Victims of Crime Provided by the State: From the Individual Work with the Victim of Crime to the Support of Functional System of Help 2

pp. 36 - 47
Monika Bačová, Eva Žiaková, Zuzana Katreniaková

Social Support of Cancer Patients 2

pp. 48 - 65
Andrej Mátel, Milan Schavel

New Act on Social Work in Slovakia: Retrospection, Perspectives and Questions 2

pp. 66 - 78
Markéta Elichová, Anna Sýkorová

Competence of a Social Worker: What Schools Teach and What Employers Require 2

pp. 79 - 95
Michaela Lukešová

Intercultural Competence as a Factor of Culturally Competent Practice in Social Work 2

pp. 96 - 108

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