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Angela Almašiová, Katarína Kohútová, Daniel Markovič

The Attitudes of Social Work Students Towards Refugees 2

pp. 5 - 18
Martina Žáková, Daniela Strýčková

Reflections on Social Work of Social Workers Working with Refugees and Foreigners with Subsidiary Protection 2

pp. 19 - 29
Jaroslava Štastná, Eva Křížová

Approaches Used in Social Work: Eclectic Theories and Diversity in as Practice Viewed by Students 2

pp. 30 - 41
Olga Hubíková, Jana Havlíková

Reflective Practice in Social Work: Discussion Based on the Example of Social Work with People in Material Need 2

pp. 42 - 57
Ivana Taševská

Media Image of Shared Custody 2

pp. 60 - 70

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