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Monika Bjelončíková

Expectations of People Living with HIV/AIDS from Social Work 2

pp. 5 - 22
Kateřina Glumbíková, Alice Gojová, Barbora Gřundělová

Health and Access to Health Services for People Living in Shelters – Topic for Social Work? 2

pp. 23 - 40
Marie Vágnerová, Jakub Marek, Ladislav Csémy

Personal Factors Influencing the Persistence of Homelessness among Young People 2

pp. 41 - 54
Elena Gažiková, Veronika Šimonová

Risky Behaviour of Children in Children’s Homes. Alcohol Consumption Harmful to Health 2

pp. 55 - 64
Adéla Recmanová, Soňa Vávrová

The Transformation of Social Work within an Information-based Society: Reflections of Social Workers on Social Activation Services for Families with Children 2

pp. 65 - 79
Ladislav Otava

Proposals for Solutions to Unclear Conceptualization of Selected Concepts Theory of Management Dilemmas of Social Workers 2

pp. 80 - 89

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