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Andreas Baldschun

The Work-Related Well-Being of Social Workers in Relationship-Based Settings: A Literature-Based Exploration of the Importance of Impaired Work-Related Well-Being on Case Outcomes 5

pp. 5 - 18
Zuzana Stanková, Alice Gojová

Implementation of Community Work in a Socially Excluded Locality as Viewed by Its Participants 5

pp. 19 - 35
Marija Wazi

Self-Development Method in Social Work: Key Elements and Its Applied Aspects with Disadvantaged Youth 5

pp. 36 - 52
Miroslava Mošová, Martina Pulkertová, Oldřich Chytil

To What Extent Are Social Services in the Ostrava Region Available to Senior Citizens? 5

pp. 53 - 66
Nadežda Kovalčíková, Andrea Bánovčinová

Intergenerational Solidarity from the Perspective of Different Generations 5

pp. 67 - 83

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