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Critical Perspectives in Social Work

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Radka Janebová

Selected Principles of Critical Social Work in the Context of Control of Involuntary Clients 2

pp. 5 - 21
Eliška Černá (roz. Lindovská), Lenka Polánková (roz. Remsová)

Having Home Means Being Housed! Theatre of the Opressed as a Tool of Critical Reflexivity Application 2

pp. 22 - 39
Barbora Gřundělová

Critical Reflection of Constructing Motherhood and Fatherhood in Social Work with Family 2

pp. 40 - 53
Tereza Dvořáková, Jiří Mertl

Dignified Existence contra Personal Resposibility: the Case of Children Debtors in Pilsen 2

pp. 54 - 69
Michal Kozubík, Alena Kajanová, Lucie Kozlová

Ethnic Approach in Social Work with Social Excluded Groups and Critical Social Work Alternatives 2

pp. 70 - 83
Magda Frišaufová, Markéta Geregová

Shock and Refreshment’: Experts Participation – Service Users in University Social Work Education 2

pp. 84 - 100
Michaela Límová

Critical Social Work – Opportunities and Challenges. Worker Facing Person Seeking Help 2

pp. 101 - 111
Oldřich Chytil, Ivana Kowaliková

Can the Czech and Slovakian Social Work be a Tool for Promoting Social Change? 2

pp. 112 - 125
Lucie Sodomková, Jan Šerek, Dana Juhová

Civic Attitudes and Participation of Adolescents Growing Up in Children’s Homes 2

pp. 126 - 143

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