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The Concept of Self-Care, Work Engagement, and Burnout Syndrome among Slovak Social Workers

Vladimír Lichner, Magdaléna Halachová, Ladislav Lovaš

OBJECTIVES: This article focuses on the empirical verification of the connections between selfcare, burnout syndrome, and the level of job satisfaction of Slovak social workers. THEORETICAL BASE: An essential part of working in the conditions of the provision of care is uncertainty, a risky environment, time pressures and the serious consequences of one’s decisions. The area of selfcare is essential in this context because it is comprised of self-care that enables one to increase the overall well-being in the work environment and can prevent negative phenomena in their work. METHODS: The author’s questionnaire was used to evaluate the self-care performance among 405 social workers, which was used in combination with the MBI (Maslach, Jackson, 1981), and the UWES questionnaire (Schaufeli, Bakker, 2003). OUTCOMES: Four factors of self-care were identified. In addition, links between self-care and well-being at work, and burnout syndrome were identified. Self-care can therefore positively affect well-being and prevent burnout syndrome. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: It is necessary to focus on improving self-care in professionals particularly through educational activities not only during their practice but also during the training of social workers. A prerequisite for the expansion of these activities is the fact that only a professional with a good level of self-care is sufficiently prepared to work for the clients.

self-care, performed self-care, work engagement, burnout, social workers, social practice

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