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Asociace vzdělavatelů v sociální práci (Association of Educators in Social Work)

is a voluntary association of legal entities of colleges and universities or their units, which offer education in social work in the Czech Republic, and/or other providers of education and training in social work. Asociace vzdělavatelů v sociální práci (“ASVSP”) is a member of European Association of Schools of Social Work - (EASSW).

The major goal of ASVSP is to raise the standard of professional quality in the field of social work education in the Czech Republic. A long-term goal of ASVSP and its members is to enhance the quality of education in social work, thereby improving the offer and performance of social services in the Czech Republic. The ASVSP members believe the critical tool to achieve the this goal is the establishment of Minimum standards in the sphere of the social work education and the publishing of the Sociální práce/Sociálna práca magazine - the only specialist magazine focused on social work in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The publishing of magazine, establishment and innovation of standards, support provided to the members during the implementation and inspection of adherence to these standards at the ASVSP-member schools, these are the core activities of the Association.

Maintenance and enhancement of the education quality in social work is supported by consultations provided by ASVSP to its members. The following are the goals of the consultations:

  • to help the formation and development of the profession under the current (changing) conditions
  • to support the observation of the minimum standards for the social work education
  • to make the (member) schools aware of the problems present in their work and to transmit the experience of other (foreign) schools, employers, social workers and other relevant entities
  • to maintain the contacts between the schools and teachers of social work
  • to strengthen the cooperation between schools, e.g. in the field of teacher and student exchange programmes, etc.

Executive board of ASVSP

Tatiana Matulayová (president), contact:
Marcela Křivánková (vice-president), contact: 
Jan Klusáček (executive secretary), contact:
Adéla Mojžíšová, contact:
Radka Janebová, contact:
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