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Maria Pentaraki

Social Work Practice of Hospital Social Workers under the Structural Adjustment Program in Greece: Social Workers Protecting the Right to Health Care within the Context of Neoliberalism 5

pp. 7 - 20
Linda Homan, Emma Regan

Young People’s Perceptions of Smoking Behaviour and the Implications for Social and Health Workers 5

pp. 21 - 33
Timo Toikko, Yerkin Kulymbaevitch Uisimbayev, Aini Pehkonen

Health, Wellbeing and Social Support in the Groups of Employed and Unemployed in a Finnish Community 5

pp. 34 - 44
Anna Lena Rademaker, Katrin Liel

New Paradigms in German Health Promotion – (New) Challenges for Social Work 5

pp. 45 - 61
Vladimír Lichner, Magdaléna Halachová, Ladislav Lovaš

The Concept of Self-Care, Work Engagement, and Burnout Syndrome among Slovak Social Workers 5

pp. 62 - 75
Julie Anne Laser-Maira, Granger Petersen, Haily Stephens, Donna Michelle Peach

Civil and Forensic Patients: Comparing Demographics, Risk Factors, and Negative Life Events 5

pp. 76 - 86
Debbie Ling, John Olver, Melissa Petrakis

Outcomes from a Compassion Training Intervention for Health Care Workers 5

pp. 87 - 96

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