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Reflection of the Impacts of the Society Transformation in Relation to the Education at Social Work

Veronika Mia Zegzulková, Marie Špiláčková

OBJECTIVES: The present study deals with a reflection on the impact of the society transformation in relation to the education of social workers. It determines the depicted main signs of modern society in the second modernity and deals with the issues of the impact of modernisation in the context of the current society and the area of education in social work. THEORETICAL BASE: The study is based on the theoretical approach of the period of the second stage of modernisation and the interrelated neoliberalism. METHODS: The aim of this article is to analyse from a critical theory perspective the professional theoretical discourse of changes in society in relation to education in social work. The main research question was set: What are the consequences of the process of transformation of society in relation to education in social work? OUTCOMES: Outcomes of the submitted treatise dwell in the reflective analysis of thoughts of depicted authors dealing with the impacts of the societal transformation that has changed not only the content of education of social workers as indicated by examples from Great Britain and Scandinavia but also of social work as a profession. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: Investigation results support the forming of new findings usable for expert discourse regarding the topic of education in international social work.

international social work, social worker, education, social work, neoliberalism

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