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ERIS conference: Social Work Identity in Europe

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Dear colleagues , 

In the previous years of the ERIS conferences we dealt with serious topics of social work such as interdisciplinary proceedings, research in social work, diversity, convergence of social policy and social work in dierent countries of the world and similar topics.

This year we want to focus on the theme of the proesional identity of social work as an academic discipline and as a proesional activity.

Impacts of globalization, marketization and economic eciency signicantly aect the public sector and proesionals working within this sector. Over the last 20 years, in European countries, the idea of the functioning public sector as well as proesionals working in this sector has changed considerably. Due to these changes, proesionals must face several challenges.

Many times it is not only an issue of the method of output in one´s proffesional role; often it is about the fundamental issues of values, a sense of proesion and proesional identity.

Social work, as an immanent part of the public sector, is often regarded as a sphere without a clearly dened identity, or an intersection of identities such as administrative, philanthropic-charitable, proesional and activistic.

Therefore, we have decided for the theme of the identity of social work in academic as well as practical terms. The aim of the conference is mainly to discuss the following topics:

  • The formation of identity of social work ( in different countries)
  • Research on social work 
  • Global and local impacts on the identity of social work 
  • Professionalization and knowledge - transfer necessary for social work practice

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