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Early Care in the Context of the Czech and Foreign Retrospective and its Current Situation: The Particular Statistics in the Pardubice Region

Zdenka Šándorová, Jaroslav Myslivec

Medailon autora:

Zdenka Šándorová graduated in special pedagogy and school management at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. Her career path led through the area of special education, in particular special-pedagogical counselling, school management and the management in social services towards the academic position. Currently, she works as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Pardubice, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, the Department of Education.

Jaroslav Myslivec is currently working in the Department of Education, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. His research interests include multidimensional data analysis, visualization of multidimensional data, and statistical methods.


OBJECTIVES: The article attempts to answer the questions whether “early care as a social prevention service is effective and justifiable in the social service system” and “why it deserves major attention”. THEORETICAL BASE: The theoretical background of the article is the early care with an insight into the process of transformation and consolidation of areas of endangered childcare in the Czech Republic. A brief retrospective account and description of current systems in the Czech Republic and abroad were used as further information input resources. METHODS: To obtain theoretical information, the authors analysed relevant literature and documents. A longitudinal research method was then used to collect the required statistical data. The data was obtained from the existing records at a specific early care provider. OUTCOMES: The longitudinal research enabled the authors to analyse the data and to evaluate legitimacy and effectiveness of the service provided to a very vulnerable target group: families with a young child with a limited opportunity to socialize as a consequence of a health impairment. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The conclusions have key implications in the context of a familyoriented social policy as early care strengthens the individual family´s capacities and significantly supports psychological, social and somatic development of children.

Klíčová slova:

transformation, endangered child, social prevention service, early care, Early Care Centre in Pardubice

s. 71 - 86

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