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Current State Policy and Social Work

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Iva Pelikánová

Social Aspects of Students in their Transition from Education to Employment 2

pp. 53 - 63
Martin Lulei, Martina Hrozenská

Academic Argumentative Essays and its Context and Structure in Social Work 2

pp. 64 - 67
Jan Kaňák

Individual Interpretation of Responsibility and Accountability by Street-Level Bureaucrats Providing their Service at Municipality and their Impact on Decision Making in Child Care 2

pp. 68 - 80
Jindřich Šrajer

Ethic and the Requirement of Complexity in Social Work 2

pp. 81 - 88
Alois Křišťan, David Urban

Religious Interpretations Motivating for Social Work 2

pp. 89 - 97

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