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Deinstitucionalisation of Social Services

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Jitka Nelb Sinecká

Looking over the Wall: Deinstitutionalization of People with Autism during Communism and after 1989 in Parental Narratives 2

pp. 37 - 48
Lada Furmaníková, Zuzana Havrdová, Blanka Tollarová, Petr Vrzáček

To the Phenomenon of Leadership: Who and How Is the Process of Transformation of the Residential Social Services Initiated and Led by? 2

pp. 49 - 60
Gabriela Lubelcová

Social Services in the Slovak Republic – Conceptual Bases, Legal Framework and Application Practice 2

pp. 61 - 71
Hana Janečková, Renáta Nentvichová Novotná

The Role of Family Relations in Institutional Care for Seniors 2

pp. 72 - 82
Michaela Jurtíková

Family Group Conferencing 2

pp. 83 - 91

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