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Pavel Kaczor, Michal Kaczor

Ageing of Population vs. Economic Activity of Seniors 2

pp. 7 - 21
Barbora Kováčová

Activation of Cognitive Functions in Seniors during Individual and Group Occupational Therapy Intervention in Institutional Environments 2

pp. 22 - 38
Leoš Zatloukal, Lenka Tkadlčíková

“Assistance” and “Control” in Social Work Counselling Practice from the Perspective of a Solution-Focused Approach 2

pp. 39 - 62
Veronika Benešová, Edita Šmidmajerová

Supervision as a Tool in Preventing Burnout Syndrome 2

pp. 63 - 71
Blanka Kissová, Romana Lukášová, Daniel Topinka

Institutional Aid for Domestic Violence from the Perspective of Victims in a Partner Relationship 2

pp. 72 - 84
Jana Růžičková, Monika Punová

Counselling in the Difficult Life Situations of Scout Troop Members 2

pp. 85 - 101

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