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Consequences of the Modernization of Society and Possible Coping Mechanisms, with an Example from Italy

Šárka Ulčáková

Medailon autora:

Šárka Ulčáková is a student of the doctoral study programme of Social Work at the Faculty of Social Studies at the University of Ostrava. Her master’s thesis was about social entrepreneurship in connection to the modernization of the society. She is currently focused on the topics of social and solidarity economy, cooperative movement and social cooperatives.


The contribution is focused on the topic of social and solidarity economy and Italian social cooperatives, and is one of the outcomes of the Student Grant Competition project called The Use of Social Work in Italian Social Cooperatives Providing Social Services which has been conducted from January to December 2016 with the goal to clarify a working definition of social work implemented in organizations chosen for the research. This article first introduces the topic of modernization of society with the consequences for social work as well, followed by basic information about social and solidarity economy and social cooperatives in Italy. The last part of the text focuses on the project and some of its outcomes in the context of the modernization of society.

Klíčová slova:

social economy, solidarity economy, modernization, social cooperatives, individualization, risks, managerialism, economization, welfare state crisis, privatization

s. 47 - 58

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